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A mid-term report by Cllr John Conway

I have had the honour of serving the residents of Launceston South (basically Launceston Town south of the River Kensey) since May 2021. Successes to date include:

Launceston Library

Hopefully contracts have been signed by print date for the purchase of a property right in the Town Centre. Cornwall Council was going to site it in a new hub to be built in Exeter Street but costs were prohibitive. After a very blunt reminder of the original deal, Cornwall Council agreed to fund the purchase and fitting out of a suitable building in Launceston. Thanks must be recorded to Peter Marsh for his assistance. Further information will follow shortly if not yet released.

Launceston Leisure Centre

Following the decision by Cornwall Council and GLL to withdraw from our Centre in January 2023, I have assisted Michael Davey and his team to retain and improve our much needed Centre. After much work this is going from strength to strength. Special thanks also to Launceston Town Council and Coronation Park Trust.

Lawrence House Museum

A substantial grant has been received to enable restoration of the museum. We look forward to its reopening next year.


A partnership with Cornwall, Town and Coronation Park should result in a brilliant facility near the Leisure Centre.


No fault evictions are the major problem with a lack of larger rental properties available. We must ensure all available social housing goes to local people first!

Cornwall Area Partnership

Launceston is teamed with Callington. Our priority is to make the A388 and A30 at Plusha safer.

I am working closely with our MP Scott Mann and fellow Launceston Councillors Adrian Parsons and Adam Paynter on your behalf. If you need assistance email me


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