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Active Launceston

This year, we’ve been confined to our homes and experienced restrictions like never before. For many of us, keeping active has been a way to keep some level of normality, while treading into unknown areas like working from home, wearing masks to protect ourselves and others, and not being able to move around as freely as we once did.

As we realise the importance of exercise to our physical and mental wellbeing, while navigating our way through a pandemic, it couldn’t be a better time to switch focus to a new project for Launceston.

As you may have read in your Winter Launceston Life, Active Launceston is one of the latest projects for the town, conducted by Launceston Community Development Trust. The aim - to work with the community to establish sports facilities that will be accessible to everyone.

Teaming up with Sports England, the Trust is now carrying out the first phase of the project, communicating with the town to see what you would like from this initiative.

They would like to hear from everyone - from fitness coaches and gym owners, to those who would like to get outdoors or perhaps become more active. With this communication, the Trust will better understand the needs of the community, ensuring whatever comes to Launceston through this project will be something everyone wants.

A short questionnaire will be sent to households around Launceston. All you have to do is complete it and submit it, and you could be in with a chance of winning a local veg box voucher.


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