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An Exciting Year to Come!

Lanson, as you know already, here at Launceston Life we like to get fully stuck in with the community.

Our passion and drive comes from helping residents connect, to boost local businesses and keep everyone in the loop about the area’s new and exciting projects.

The last 12 months haven’t been easy for anyone. It’s been tough, it’s been frustrating, but with the rollout of the vaccine continuing across different age categories we are positive that things are about to get better. We believe that we will soon start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, which is why we’re so excited for the year to come here at Launceston Life.

Our small but hard-working team will continue to produce your quarterly Launceston Life magazine and before you know it, the summer edition will be upon us.

While we work all year to gather content and keep in touch with clients about advertising in Launceston Life, we have also been working hard on something we communicated to you about last year just before the first lockdown. This month (March) we are excited to announce that we will be filming the first four pilot episodes for the brand new Launceston Life TV….as we only have one sponsorship space left, if you’re a business who would like to be involved in this exciting new and progressive venture for Launceston let us know!

As if this wasn’t enough we are also teaming up with Launceston Chamber of Commerce to create a new town map for residents and visitors, with the aim of targeting tourists by distributing thousands of the maps across the South West. To support the production of the map, we are offering advertising space to local businesses who would be interested in promoting themselves to potential tourists and visitors to Launceston. The map will focus on boosting local tourist attractions, hospitality and shops, drawing more visitors to the town. Advertising spaces are limited and start at £30.

And finally for now, we are still offering spaces to local businesses who would like to list their business on the Launceston Life Business Directory. For just £80 a year, you can advertise your business online within this extensive and versatile directory. We will make up a page for your listing, featuring your photos and media, as well as information on the services you offer, your address and contact details and links to social media and websites. This is an amazing way to reach more local people and potential customers.

For any additional information on the services we offer here at Launceston Life, email, call 01566 778700 or visit


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