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Businesses in Launceston able to benefit from funding project

Businesses across Cornwall are set to benefit from a new project that offers fully funded support and guidance to help them develop and grow.

Konnect for Business has been created to address the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to improve the impact businesses can make on the Cornish community. It offers guidance and practical solutions in areas including business development, staff wellness, recruitment, retention, leadership and human resources management.

For eligible business owners, the service starts with a discovery session, which is a conversation to identify specific ambitions and challenges. This is followed by mentoring sessions which offer core support in the key areas, then a series of specialist training tailored to each business.

The scheme is being delivered by Konnect Communities and is being funded by the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

Judith Hann, programme manager at CLLD, said: "“We are proud to be funding the Konnect for

Business project and are excited to see the outcomes for eligible businesses and development in

their communities.

“Konnect Communities has been an integral part of Cornwall’s social development and this

project will be a worthy addition to their current services.”

Ian Curnow, CEO of Konnect Communities, added: “We are very excited to see our new project

take off and are grateful to CLLD for providing funding for it. Without this we simply couldn’t

offer this much needed support to local businesses.”

There are 90 spaces available for Cornish businesses, subject to CLLD eligibility which is established on a postcode basis. To find out if your business is eligible, call Konnect for Business on 01209 241 308 or visit


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