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Calling all potential tree wardens and tree enthusiasts

Are you passionate about increasing the number of trees and boosting biodiversity in the local area? Do you have some spare time on your hands and fancy helping a fantastic new cause in the community?

Graeme Gallimore, golf course manager at Launceston Golf Club, is working to improve the biodiversity and environmental areas within the grounds of the club.

Just before Covid-19 hit, Graeme registered with the Tree Council as a tree warden for Launceston. This means Graeme is now looking to make contact with other local tree wardens and anyone who has an interest in the trees and green spaces within the Launceston area.

If you think this is something you would like to take part in or learn more about, visit to find out more about the variety of tasks that may need to be engaged with. There are a wide range of activities to suit all capabilities, and you don’t need previous experience to take part either! If you like, you can even register as a tree warden which opens up training opportunities -

Graeme is also working with Cornwall Council’s Forestry Team in the hope that a local tree warden network can be developed with the aim of holding some online and in-person events and training later this year. Having more local tree wardens will aid these efforts and make the network more valuable.

If you have an interest in the trees and green spaces within the community, Graeme would like to hear from you to discuss how you want to get involved and possible options to improve the local area.

If you would like to keep updated on the Forest for Cornwall project, go to to sign up to their newsletter.

Graeme can be reached via the ‘get in touch’ option on the forest for Launceston website:


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