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Can you help Launceston Rugby Club

Could you be a sponsor for a great cause in the community’s sporting world?

Launceston Rugby Club is looking for a local business to sponsor their new spinal board, a fantastic piece of equipment which ensures any casualties on the pitch can be treated efficiently and effectively.

This follows the latest RFU guidance, which recommends a flat board-style spinal stretcher is only appropriate for players with injuries for up to 20 minutes, and with the nearest A&E department being 45 minutes away from the club, this just wouldn’t do.

To ensure the safety needs of the players can be met, the club has sourced a scoop stretcher, which can be used on injured players for up to 45 minutes, allowing players to be safely taken off the pitch and carried to the medical room for a proper assessment. As well as this, a vacuum stretcher has been sourced to use alongside the scoop stretcher to immobilise for six hours, giving players and the rest of the team peace of mind that they will receive the highest level of pitchside care if something goes wrong on matchday.

To help make this a reality, the club needs to raise just over £1,000 and is now looking for a sponsor.

Do you think your business could help? If so, please get in touch with Andy Crichton on for further information.


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