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Can you help name Launceston’s new health hub?

The team behind Launceston’s latest project to boost health and wellbeing services in the town is looking for a name for its new Health Inequalities Hub, and would like your help!

Plans for the health hub are now in the process of being brought to life on Exeter Street, with hopes that it will be opened to the public this summer. 

The project has been put together by Launceston Medical Centre, Tamar Valley Health and Volunteer Cornwall. Volunteer Cornwall are dedicated to building social capital and developing the wellbeing of individuals and communities in Cornwall.

The health hub will enhance biopsychosocial provision, with a focus on working with individuals in their community while alleviating pressure on the local GP and hospital services to free up appointments. To date, 36 other organisations have signed up to help provide services from the hub.  

The hub will coordinate services, allowing people to be placed directly into the service that they require, in a place close to where they live, from one central point. They will work with the social and voluntary sectors, including concerns around finance, education, and housing to provide a holistic approach to care and wellbeing. It will provide preventative medical education, such as supporting individuals at risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. 

Launceston Life spoke to Launceston’s Social Prescriber Jess Careswell, who explained more about this latest project for the town.

“We are really excited to be opening the hub,” she said. “We are a rural community and are positioned a long way from both major hospitals and demand is high on GP services. It’s not a drop-in but is very much targeted towards patients who need services the most and find these hard to reach.”

Dr Rebecca Magill, a GP clinical psychologist at Launceston Medical Centre, worked closely with Volunteer Cornwall to help get plans for a new health hub off the ground. Jess got involved in the project as the medical centre’s on-site social prescriber, working to connect patients with services to support their health, wellbeing, and social needs. 

Jess added: “The overall goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.” 

Got an idea for a name for the health hub? Email your suggestion to by Friday 31st May.

The next stage after naming the hub will be the set-up of a Volunteer Participation Group,  aimed to shape how the hub is used and increase accessibility. Expressions of interest are sought to this email address too.


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