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Charlie Bears to run 'Sparkle Saturday', an exclusive discounted Christmas gifting sale

Charlie Bears have announced their yearly sale event for the Christmas season offering up to 50% off

some of their most popular bears and characters.

The ‘Sparkle Saturday’ sale will be held at their teddy bear gallery attraction in Launceston on Saturday, 25th November between 8am and 3pm. This is the only time that Charlie Bears discounts its products every year; a perfect opportunity for those looking to pick out a unique Christmas present for a loved one at a discount.

Accompanying the physical sale is an online event running all weekend on their website, Charlie Bears Direct -

“Sparkle Saturday is a massive moment in the year for everyone at Charlie Bears. We get to share

our gallery of 3,000+ bears, which no one expects to be on an industrial estate because it's like

stepping into another world, with people from all over Cornwall and Devon, bringing a touch of

magic to Christmas shopping in Cornwall,” Sam Shrimpton, a Charlie Bears employee for five years, said.

Hot drinks and food will be available to purchase on the day. Anyone attending the sale will get

free entry to the Gallery filled with incredible displays of teddy bears, characters and miniature


Charlie Bears has been creating bears and characters with personalities for almost 20 years and their

bears are truly special - collectors the world over treasure their cuddly characters. Lovingly made by

hand, each bear has unique characteristics. Famous characters from previous years include a polar

bear called Auberon, a penguin called Waddle and a reindeer called Rudolph.

Each creation is either limited in numbers or production, making each one highly collectable with

many people around the world collecting Charlie Bears as an investment for the future, making

Charlie Bears a perfect gift for children and adults alike to cherish for years to come.


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