• Elaine Bennett

Coffee Corner - March

My name’s Elaine Bennett. I’m a local author and have just launched my new business Dottie’s Teacup Candles at www.dottiesteacupcandles.co.uk

I hope you’ll join me each time in ‘Coffee Corner’ where I’ll look at what’s happening in our local community both in and around Launceston and let you know what I’ve been up to.

I wish I could say I was one of those energetic types that you see in lycra, glugging on their water bottle, looking all accomplished, instead of this I’m a couch potato, my only exercise being looking for the remote control which usually isn’t too far away.

Exercise to me like many others; is a challenge. It isn’t the thought of swimming that puts me off going to the local leisure centre it’s the thought of getting undressed in the cold and shuddering when you step tentatively into the water for the first time.

Last week I decided for the sake of adding to my life expectancy and for all the anti ageing effects I’d read about, to brave the cold and take to the water for the first time in several years. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy having not swum for quite a while except the usual dip in the sea on holiday; which will hardly win me any medals. Feeling even braver I decided to walk to Phoenix Leisure Centre, which I hadn’t realised until I was part way there, is that it’s mostly uphill. I arrived at the Leisure Centre fifteen minutes later ruddy faced and breathless. Handing over my £5.50 and grabbing 20P to use a locker I made my way to the changing room.

Changed and ready, the swimming pool looked really inviting as I walked into what felt like a huge arena, probably because it was 9am and I was the only one there. I decided not to stick a toe in the water but go for the whole body shock approach, the one you expect when first plunge into the water. I was pleasantly surprised how warm the water was, not a shudder in sight; this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

Forty minutes later I emerged triumphant; I felt like Duncan Goodhew without the bald head.  I don’t think I’ll be winning any Olympic medals but my 12 lengths of the pool was certainly a good start.

Despite all my initial reservations and excuses including the weather, getting undressed in the cold, can’t be bothered etc, my experience up at the Phoenix Leisure Centre was an enjoyable one and one that I can only describe as…. To be continued.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever be your stereotypical water glugging, lycra wearing fitness fanatic but if I can swim a few lengths on a regular basis and it keeps me fit and healthy, stops the wrinkles and gives me a bit longer to live, that’ll do for me. If it’s something you’d like to try monthly memberships are available if you’re thinking of going several times a week this may be for you, alternatively like me just pay on arrival.

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