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Community litter pick takes place in Launceston

Coop members, customers and colleagues gave their time on Wednesday, 30th August, to complete a community litter pick in town.

Volunteers met at Coop Newport Car Park, where Coop Member Pioneer Gemma Massey handed out the equipment to get things started.

Volunteers made worked their way around Newport Industrial Estate and over the Newport Bridge along the new path way to Ridgegrove and into the industrial estate, collecting several bags of litter in the afternoon.

Gemma said: "This was our first community litter pick this year and I was thrilled to see it so well supported. People gave there time for the community today and the results were quiet shocking. It was sad to see the amount of litter collected, but great to know it has been moved and will now be disposed of safely and responsibly. I look forward to planning another event into the autumn and hope that more volunteers will be able to join me and some of my colleagues again then. Thank you again to everyone who gave their time today!"


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