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Could you be a Sterts trustee?

Sterts Arts & Environmental Centre, also known as Sterts Theatre, is a registered charity. Thanks to a great deal of hard work by the two members of staff and many volunteers, as well as grants from trusts plus local and national government, the charity has survived the pandemic. During this time Sterts has also been transitioning from an unincorporated to an incorporated charity, a better structure for the organisation and their stakeholders.

As they make that change, some of the Trustees who have staunchly supported the charity for many years feel it is time to stand down from Sterts Council as they move to meet new challenges. Therefore, Sterts are now looking for enthusiastic and committed people willing to play their part in the next chapter of Sterts' story as volunteer Trustees. It will be an exciting time to be part of the organisation, working with volunteers and the staff of Sterts to meet their objectives, as aligned to stakeholders such as Cornwall Council and Arts Council England.

Each Trustee will have a role to play and examples of those roles can be provided, however above all Sterts are hoping for people who are passionate about their aims of educating people in the arts and providing affordable arts for all in a beautiful part of the world.

With the exception of the Treasurer who would need to have accountancy qualifications it does not matter if you are still working, retired, self employed or perhaps a VIP (very important parent). You do not have to be local or involved with Sterts right now, they welcome new supporters. Your enthusiasm and willingness to work with the other Trustees, staff and volunteers to help Sterts thrive is key.

They hold four to six Trustee meetings a year, usually in the evening, plus an AGM in mid May with a pre-meeting for Trustees, how much other support/time is needed can depend upon your role on the Council. The band of volunteers are extremely willing to help on all sorts of topics and you can probably gather the support you need to achieve your aims from that cohort. Sterts are looking for Trustees to lead and encourage, not necessarily to spend all their time working for Sterts pro bono; of course that is also acceptable!

If you think you can offer something to Sterts Council, all you need to do is provide a short personal CV, what role you think you could support and why you would like to be a Trustee. To be a Trustee you must be a paid up member of Sterts, either through a simple £10 voting membership, or as a current cast member or member of a group such as SYTC or Sterts Singers. The candidates will be elected at the AGM and we will make your application details available to all members. The deadline for applications is midday on Monday, 17th May.

More information on Sterts can be found at and on being a Trustee here: If you have any other questions feel free to email or and Peter Woodward, Centre Director or Ali Fenn, Chair of Trustees will try to help.


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