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Customers to support two local causes through Coop's community funding

Coop has announced its two new successful applications of the Local Community Funding for 2023/2024.

Launceston Youth Project and the Friends of Launceston Hospital will both now be able to raise funds as members shop in store and purchase coop products and services.

Previously, three local groups would be selected, however, to maximise the benefits made to local groups, this has now been reduced to two causes per year.

Both Launceston Youth Project and the Friends of Launceston Hospital applied in the summer, where the Coop saw another increase in applications for the funding locally. They were then shortlisted and selected as local causes by Coop colleagues in the area.

Member Pioneer for Launceston, Gemma Massey, said: "We are thrilled to be able to support two more, local groups through our Community Fund. Both groups will also be supported locally by Coop Colleagues and be able to make the most of contacts, connections, and local support over the next 12 months. I cannot wait to start working with them both!"

The three outgoing causes for 2022/2023, Charles Causley Trust, Lansen Together and Oriel Ministries, are due to find out their total amounts raised over the last 12 months and will be invited to a Coop Celebration event in store in the coming weeks.

Members can support local causes in store by scanning their membership card when they shop. For every £1 members spend on Coop products and services, 2p goes to their chosen local cause.


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