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Develop your skillset with Firetower Coaching

Are you someone wanting to explore your current skills and build them up to be the best they can be? Do you want to extend your professional capabilities and achieve stronger business performance outcomes to build your organisation, progress in your career or grow within your current role?

Firetower Coaching and Development Consultants are specialists in executive and leadership coaching, building inclusive workspaces, life coaching and coaching for creatives.

Their executive and leadership programmes help clients to challenge and develop their skillset to help them achieve their business goals or grow in their current roles.

The Building Inclusive Workspaces programmes work with individuals and teams to help them understand fully what inclusion, equity and diversity are all about and how to apply this knowledge to a range of organisational settings.

Firetower's life coaching programmes help clients find new directions, make effective decisions and take that first step into new lives.

Their coaching creatives programme helps clients explore their inner core and needs within their chosen artistic expressions, while overcoming blocks to build confidence. They can also help with marketing and business essentials.

In all programmes, Firetower provides a coaching experience that is appropriately challenging for clients, while being an enjoyable learning experience. The coach is qualified and experienced in leadership, delivering hundreds of learning opportunities to adults over the years. Each programme is tailor-made in discussion with her clients. She is grounded in coaching theory and practice and also has high self-awareness and an in-depth knowledge of psychological factors that impact on learning and development as a result of her extensive professional experience in dealing with people.

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