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Developing Our Brand: The next steps for the Launceston Town Brand

We reported in our spring magazine that exciting plans are in the works for Launceston to have its very own town brand, confirming the town as the ‘ancient capital of Cornwall’.

Led by Launceston Chamber of Commerce, with support from local organisations such as the Town Team and Town Council, and designed by Gendall Design who have already produced some amazing branding for organisations across Cornwall, Launceston’s town brand aims to give the community ownership of the brand, utilising it for events, workshops, signage, community groups and much more.

Task Baskerville from Launceston Chamber of Commerce hopes that more volunteers from the community will step forward to help bring the town brand to life.

“We have three main groups in the community that we want to reach,” she said. "Anyone who can help with ideas, funding applications, or just generally lending a hand; asset owners, who own or want to create something for the town, and would be interested in using the brand.

“Lastly, we have skills based contributors, such as illustrators, photographers, copywriters - anyone a bit arty that might be able to help out to further the brand creatively."

The team had a successful presentation evening at Firebrand Brewery on 10th May, and are holding another event on 21st June via Eventbrite, which will welcome the community to see how the brand has been developed and what it may look like.

The project is in need of volunteers to make it a reality. If you feel you have something to offer, and would like to get involved, please email


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