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Devon cats unexpectedly hitchhike to Cornwall for the day

Two ginger cats from Devon took an unexpected journey into Cornwall recently, after they accidentally hopped into a delivery van.

Karen Amery from Okehampton was driving home one evening when she received a call from an IKEA delivery driver asking if they could deliver a package. He and his colleague stepped over Karen’s two ginger/white tom cats Bertie and Harry who were lazily sunbathing in the front garden and kindly carried the boxes into the back garden.

“Within minutes of them leaving, I sensed something was wrong,” Karen told Launceston Life. “The ginger boys were nowhere to be seen. For approximately five or six years I have acted like a crazy woman telling drivers to check their trucks because Bertie has been known to hitchhike before.”

After realising Bertie and Harry were gone, Karen tried the driver’s mobile several times but as she was their last drop, their phone was switched off until the following morning. But after chatting with them, she knew they lived in Launceston.

Karen contacted IKEA, who had since closed for the day; a veterinary practice in Launceston, who were unable to help; and hung on the line for police 101, until she finally had a brainwave to utilise the power of social media.

“I live in Okehampton so I had to first of all join several Launceston sites and wait for admin to approve,” she said. “So many people read my posts and responded kindly. I hardly slept that night.

“Next morning, I awoke to the sound of my mobile phone buzzing. It was the IKEA delivery driver calling to tell me my cats were indeed in the back of his van and he was bringing them back to me straight away!”

On their arrival, Karen took a photo of the drivers, Ash and Pavel, and posted the good news online where she received approximately 500 likes and comments.

“People love a happy ending,” Karen said. Bertie and Harry, although perhaps feeling a little sheepish after their unexpected adventure into Cornwall, received lots of cuddles and affection upon their return.

Karen added: “Bertie and Harry were anxious to run into our house. They were fussed and fed their favourite food. They purred non-stop for two hours, letting me know they were glad to be home, and then they slept.”

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