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Easter: What it means to us

Easter has always been widely celebrated.

Many celebrate it for their religious beliefs, and across Launceston you will usually find people trekking up to their local church on Easter Sunday.

Although this year will be slightly different, and aside from the religious element of Easter, many families find that it brings them together with loved ones. We share in delicious food and conversation around the table, and create fun for the kids - and the adults too!

For me as a child, Easter meant sunny weather, playing with my sister in the garden and finding chocolate eggs that my mum had hid for us, crossing off our little lists as we went. One big pink egg, check; three small blue eggs, check. It meant having my nanny and grandad, who live six hours away, come to stay for the Easter holidays, with walks to feed the ducks at St Thomas and trips into town to pick up a bacon bite and a cupcake from the bakery. Now, even if Easter is a little different for me than when I was a child, it’s always something I really look forward to every year. Because now, Easter means spending time with family, usually in beautiful spring weather, with lots of dog walks to admire the daffodils and flowers that begin to emerge.

Similarly, Ellie and Claire find that family is a huge part of their Easter celebrations. While Claire and her daughter love to get crafting and go on an Easter egg hunt, Ellie finds that she really misses her family at this time of year. She said: “Though we are all grown up, we always met up as siblings and had an Easter egg hunt. So no matter what age, you had to hunt for your Easter egg either in the house if it was raining, or the garden if it was sunny. So even in our 40s we still do this!”

Ellie also finds a chocolate themed breakfast goes down a treat at Easter, with Smarties, chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies scattered across the table to snack on. She added: “To me, Easter means family, food and always a long Easter walk. I miss my family.”

What does Easter mean to you? Do you celebrate at church, at home, with family, making Easter cakes and food? Let us know, and tell us how you’ll be celebrating today!

Rosie, Ellie and Claire x


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