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Ergo Brothers: A new group for men to talk and create friendships

A Launceston barber shop is addressing social isolation and mental health problems amongst men in the local community by running monthly evening meet-ups.

Kenzie Randall-Beale, barber and owner of Ergo Barber Lounge in Launceston’s town centre, is encouraging men to speak up by hosting a new evening group at the end of each month - Ergo


Marcus, Cal and Kenzie from Ergo Barber Lounge

Kenzie, who runs Ergo Barber Lounge with team members Cal and Marcus, told Launceston Life that he has seen an increase in local men wanting to talk about issues they may be facing.

“It seems, as barbers, people naturally open up to us,” he explained. “In the space of two weeks, we had three separate clients talk to us about suicidal thoughts and stuff that was weighing heavy on their lives. I realised how important that contact was for them in that moment, and so I wanted to dedicate just a bit of time for men, not even just clients - any man who needs someone to talk to, or a hug!

“We build this wall around ourselves, as though we have to be manly and we can’t cry, but it’s so important to recognise when you need help.”

To better understand the signs of mental health problems, Kenzie is currently undergoing a mental health in the workplace course, and he hopes that the Ergo Brothers social evenings will help form a bridge between men feeling low, and speaking to an organisation such as Man Down (which meets at the Orchard Centre, every other Wednesday, 7-9pm).

Kenzie added: “Ultimately, I would love for men to come and gather, be in each other’s company and build friendships. I hope to do a couple of bowling nights or meals out as a group sometime too. I want to build a community of men who will become stronger together.”

Ergo Brothers takes place on the last Monday of every month at 6.30pm in Ergo Barber Lounge, with upcoming dates including 25th March and 29th April. Men of all ages are welcome to simply drop in with some beers, while hot drinks and biscuits will be provided by the Ergo team. For more information, contact the Ergo Barber Lounge on 07368417250 or follow their Facebook page.


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