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Female sports stars of Launceston

For two weeks, the content team at Launceston Life has been joined by Alice Billing, a second year student at the University of Chichester, who has been speaking with local sports women, teams and clubs this week to throw a spotlight on just some of the sporting stars of Launceston...

The Golfing Ladies

The Launceston Ladies Golf team are a keen and active team who enjoy both the social and competitive sides of golf throughout the year.

If golf is your sport, or you have been thinking of getting involved in it, the glorious greens of Launceston Golf is the place for you. Our local ladies team plays throughout the year, and are involved in both county competitions and league matches across Cornwall with other golfers of various ages and abilities. As well as playing various teams around the county, the team also play regularly at their own home ground in Launceston which consists of eighteen holes which are frequently enjoyed by both members and visitors alike.

Launceston Ladies want to encourage people of all abilities, ages and fitness levels to give golf a go. Captain of the team and keen golfer of over thirty years, Teona Chegwyn, said she is proud to be a sportswoman in Launceston as she is given the important role of ‘setting an example for others to come and enjoy the sport, which is important for any age group’. Teona also emphasised the importance of the social aspect of sport and being able to ‘meet up for a meal and a chat’.

If you are interested in joining the team, they have an active presence on their Facebook page ‘Ladies of Launceston Golf Club’ or can be contacted via email on

A winning streak for the ladies at Polson

Although the season may be coming to an end, the ladies at Launceston Rugby Club are still working hard.

Whether it was under the glare of the floodlights or the shimmer of the evening sun, the ladies’ rugby team have consistently worked as a team to their highest potential this season, losing only one game and making it to the quarter finals of the Women’s Junior Cup. However, this could not have been done without the ongoing support from the club, the funding they have received and of course their loyal supporters that have stood on the sidelines and cheered through the conflicting weather conditions of Launceston.

Although they have a very active following on both the Cornish All Blacks Facebook page and their own Instagram account, their TikTok is the shining star. Through the platform, they highlight key moments in games of both outstanding play from the ladies and humorous parts where things do not quite go to plan. However, above all else, they demonstrate their outstanding friendship and dedication to both each other and the game.

Many of the ladies on the team have previously played various other sports, but came to the mutual agreement that this is one of the most inclusive sports that welcomes all ages and abilities into its ‘rugby family’. After speaking to the ladies at their Tuesday night training, they encouraged women to ‘take the leap and do it and it quickly becomes a way of life’.

The 2023/24 season begins at the end of summer for pre-season training. If you fancy a challenge surrounded by the support of an incredible team, then make sure you follow their social media to keep up to date with all the latest information.

Instagram – launcestonladiesrugbyteam

TikTok – launcestonladiesrfu

Empowering women at Empower Fitness

Personal trainer, Emma, wants to help women feel ‘healthier, stronger and more confident’ through her work.

If competition and teamwork isn’t your thing, Emma at Empower Fitness is the trainer for you.

During her four years of working in the industry, Emma began to notice the confidence women lacked when it came to the gym atmosphere and dedicated her career to creating a female-only personal training business. Based on Newport Industrial Estate at Absolute Health and Fitness, Emma runs a small group personal training session to encourage women to become confident in the gym, as well as offering the opportunity to socialise with a new group of friends.

Emma said: “ My mission is to build a strong community of women who can encourage and inspire one another. I want everyone who joins my team, to feel like they are a part of something special and to never have to feel alone.”

Although their work is solely based at the gym, the team also takes part in various events across the local area. In the last few months alone, they have been to Newquay to try hot yoga and completed a 5k/10k run at Siblyback Lake. However, the events don’t stop there. They also have a team photoshoot booked for June to show off their achievements and the friendship they have created along their own individual fitness journeys.

If you are interested in this, Emma suggests women to ‘be patient and start off slowly’. She said: “Aim for two to three times per week and stay consistent with that firstly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

“Lastly, enjoy it! Enjoy the process of getting stronger and learning new skills!”

Emma is contactable through her Facebook page, Empower Fitness.

Yoga for Fitness

Caroline Willingham promises to offer something different to the normal expectations of Yoga with its challenging and dynamic form.

Caroline has practised Ashtanga Yoga for over 20 years, but after moving to Launceston, Caroline noticed the lack of choice there was in terms of fitness and yoga classes. With the nearest teacher being in Wadebridge, it became increasingly hard to practise yoga, so with the encouragement of local health and fitness coach and gym owner Matt Luxton she began to pursue her own career in yoga. Caroline completed her Ashtanga Yoga 200-hour teacher course in 2021, allowing her now to teach five classes in Launceston. She also has both Level Three and Level Four sports massage qualifications.

Caroline describes her classes as being ‘inclusive to all’ to modify and adapt to suit all abilities: “This style of yoga is about movement and exercise. I teach at two gym settings, at Matt Luxton’s studio in Lifton and at Abs-Solute in Newport. It also compliments other sports such as running to improve mobility and help to avoid injury.”

Originating from South India, Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga, which flows consistently through different positions alongside the breath. It is a workout that focuses on improving flexibility, mobility, posture, cardio and the core, making it a full body workout. Caroline says she designs each class to be different to keep it challenging, adding: “It’s open to all, although a basic level of fitness will help. I love getting people into Ashtanga Yoga. It appeals to all ages, men and women.”

If this is something you are interested in, Caroline’s advice is to ‘look into which style of yoga will suit you the most and seek out a suitable teacher. Yoga classes are friendly and welcoming, so give it a go.’ Contact Caroline to discuss her latest class information and get involved.

Facebook – Caroline Willingham Sports Massage and Yoga

Mobile - 07921141661

Sporting success for Claire Barriball

Darts and bowls player, Claire Barriball, wants to encourage more women into the sports after the ladies’ darts and bowls success this year.

Claire Barriball first started playing darts over 20 years ago, but with numbers dwindling it has been increasingly hard to continue to play competitive games with just five ladies teams in the league compared to the previous 18. However, thanks to the help of Dunheved Bowls Club, Claire and her team have been allowed to continue playing both their league and cup games from the club during the winter months. Thanks to the support they have received and their continuous hard work, the darts team are currently top of the league and are in the final of the 5 a side cup competition.

Although numbers for ladies’ darts are unfortunately reducing in Launceston, the amount of women and girls interested in playing bowls has increased significantly over the years, meaning for the first time in a few years the team at Dunheved are able to enter competitions and league games. As the Captain for the upcoming season, Claire Barriball commented that despite still being new to the club, ‘the friendly members that make the bowling and social side such fun’. In this season, the team reached the Green final in both the Ladies 3’s and 4’s.

Claire wants to encourage women who are considering picking up a sport. “No matter what it is you are interested in, it’s always worth giving it a go,” she said. “You won’t know until you try and there will always be someone that will be there to help you and support you.”

If bowls or darts is something that you are interested in getting involved in, Dunheved Bowls Club are contactable via Facebook and Dunheved Bowling Club Darts can be contacted through the Launceston & District Darts League on Facebook.

From paddling pool to the English Channel

Keen swimmer, Lowenna North, reflects on her swimming achievements.

Since her first open water swim at age twelve, Lowenna has achieved some amazing things. Although she partakes in a variety of other sports such as netball and hockey, it is swimming that took her interest thanks to Launceston Swimming Club. Her swimming achievements began in Lockdown when Lowenna swam12 hours across the course of three days, raising over £500 for NHS charities as a result. Later, in July 2022, Lowenna completed the 14 mile Eddystone Rock swim, involving swimming from the famous lighthouse, back to Plymouth. However, due to the tides Lowenna swam for an extra 2 miles, taking her 11 hours, 31 minutes and 5 seconds. This achievement is particularly pertinent as her success and hard work not only makes her the 5th person to complete the challenge, but also the youngest person to do so. Last September, Lowenna also entered with the team at Launceston Swimming Club to a competition at Bude Sea Pool, swimming the length of the channel as a relay race to raise money for the sea pool. Although the last few years have been full of challenges and successes for Lowenna, due to her upcoming GCSE’s in a few months, she has taken a break from the competitions until 2024 where she plans to swim the English Channel. Due to needing to travel to partake in open water swimming, Lowenna frequently uses Launceston Leisure Centre to complete her training which she is grateful has been saved from permanent closure thanks to the support from the community. If you are interested in getting involved, Lowenna encourages people to ‘take any opportunity that you get, don’t be afraid to try new things because you never know where it could take you.’

Facebook – Launceston Swimming Club


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