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Forest for Launceston finds forever homes for over 500 Cornish Oak trees

A big part of the Forest for Launceston’s aim is to improve the town’s biodiversity, and encourage more planting and wildlife into the area. That’s why the team were ecstatic to receive a donation of a large number of Cornish Oak trees. But, as much as they would have loved to have planted all of these at the Forest for Launceston site, it proved impossible due to a number of reasons.

As the Forest for Launceston team ready the site for their plans, they are going to be clearing ash dieback. Many would think the new Cornish oaks could be planted in replacement of the ash trees - but there was yet another factor to consider. These Cornish oaks grow 45metres tall and require 20ft distance between each tree, and considering the large quantity of trees donated to the project, as well as the depth of soil needed to plant them, it would not be possible for the forest to be a home for these trees.

Therefore the Forest for Launceston put out an appeal to the community, asking if anyone would like to take some of the Cornish oaks on. The team received a fantastic response, and have now found forever homes for over 500 of these trees.

Forest for Launceston is so pleased that the community has been so willing to help in improving biodiversity in the local area. Trees are for generations, not just for spring!

To learn more about the Forest for Launceston, like our Facebook page, Launceston Life, where regular updates are posted.


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