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Forest for Launceston Plans move forward

In recent years, it has become more and more important over time to enhance our green areas and do what we can to improve biodiversity.

The team behind the Forest for Launceston have been very busy behind the scenes, with visits every other week, liaising with a whole range of stakeholders like Cornwall Council, Forest for Cornwall, Westcountry Rivers Trust, Cormac, Biffa and many more!

The visits are to engage local organisations to enlist their help and expertise to clear the site of fly tipping, create a two-year woodland management plan, to plan where access will be and other preparations to ensure the site is safe for the community when opened.

The Forest for Launceston team are eager to open the woodland as they know this will improve the area’s biodiversity, promote the use of the outdoors to benefit wellbeing and meet new people, plus it will have a positive impact on the environment.

To pledge your support to the Forest for Launceston or find out more, go to


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