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Getting fit in lockdown

With all this time at home, it can be difficult to get up and keep moving.

In a time where our sofa - or bed - has become our best friend, it is important to remember that keeping active is hugely vital to both our physical and mental health, and is just a great way of keeping sane for many.

Whether you’re missing your weekly sports training, or you’re someone who is wanting to boost their level of activity during the lockdown, we have some great tips provided by Rachel Farr, a personal trainer at Priority1Fitness in Launceston.

Here’s how to get started…

1. Get your body moving every day

Try to incorporate some kind of physical activity in each day, whether this be a run, an online exercise class, some thorough housework or even just a few laps of the garden, find a few minutes each day just to get yourself moving.

2. Listen to your body

Staying active does not have to mean hours and hours of high intensity cardio. If you’re feeling full of beans, an aerobics class may be exactly what you fancy doing, but if you aren’t feeling so energised, a gentle core or stretch session will be just as good!

3. Don’t be afraid to try out new classes

There are so many accessible online classes. If you wanted to try something new but felt nervous before, now is the perfect time to give it a go.

4. Have online workout dates with your friends

If you’re struggling with motivation, plan a time in the week to call with your friends and workout together.

5. Use everyday household items

Standing up and sitting down on a chair repeatedly will be working those leg muscles, as will a few trips up and down the stairs. If you don’t have any gym equipment at home, use bottles of milk or wine bottles as dumbbells!

6. Set yourself little goals

Set targets throughout the day, for example stand up and do 20 jumping jacks every hour, or try to drink a certain amount of water each day to help stay hydrated.

7. Be kind to yourself and proud of what you are achieving

Exercise is a great way to boost mental health and relieve stress, so if you are feeling a bit bogged down by life, exercising can really help. Give yourself credit for everything that you are achieving through lockdown.

These are just things you can do at home. If you want to dive into more challenging ways of getting fit, there are a number of classes led by the personal trainers at Priority1Fitness, which are sure to help you feel fit, healthy and good about yourself.

Priority1Fitness, run by Mike Charlwood, is a fantastic gym and studio based at Pennygillam Industrial Estate in Launceston. The team of personal trainers and instructors offer a wide variety of classes to suit everyone, from core strength and kettlercise to HIIT.

Their timetable (pictured) offers an insight into the classes they offer. To find out more about the classes and how to join, call Priority1Fitness on 01566 772251 or email Like their Facebook page, Priority1Fitness - Launceston, for further updates.


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