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Grow your own: How to make the most of spring...

It’s said one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself is to grow your own veggies…

With spring upon us, the weather is starting to warm up (albeit ever so gradually) and we find ourselves looking to the garden and itching to get outside.

If you’ve always wanted to dabble with a veg patch, why not make 2023 the year to start?!

Come summer, imagine slicing juicy tomatoes, freshly picked from your own plants, and adding them to a bowl filled with vibrant greens grown on the windowsill, a pop of colour from crunchy radishes, and some new potatoes which were snug in the ground just a few weeks ago, now steaming on the side, ready to be adorned with a crack of pepper and some salted butter. What a fresh and rewarding feast!

Some things to consider:

  • How much space have you got at home? Decide on whether you need to create space in the garden, and how much work this would need, or whether you’d like to hire space at a local allotment. You can also use window boxes and pots for some salad varieties.

  • If you’re a beginner, start with easy-to-maintain veggies such as courgettes, potatoes, radishes and rocket.

  • Research how to keep pests and disease at bay, and also the best seasons to plant or sow seeds.

Five vegetables to grow first (recommended by Gardener’s World magazine

  • Beetroot

  • Salad leaves

  • Bush tomatoes

  • Potatoes

  • Peas

Launceston Town Council allotments

Launceston Town Council owns three allotment sites around town: Gramers Park, Kensey and Dutson. Allotments are perfect for those who would like to start growing, but might not have the space in their own garden to do so. There is currently a long waiting list for Gramers Park and Kensey, but if you would like some more information about the town council’s allotment sites, go to


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