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Homes for Ukraine

Sarah and Neil Pinnell feel 'privileged' to have opened their home to Ukrainian refugees and urge others to do the same.

The shock of war in Ukraine gripped Sarah and Neil Pinnell and they felt desperate to help in whatever way they could. When the Homes for Ukraine campaign was launched, they saw their chance to help by offering their two spare bedrooms.

Sarah told Launceston Life that despite their initial concerns after connecting and speaking with a family that they found through uploading a profile onto various reliable Facebook sites, they felt reassured.

However, Sarah said that it was upsetting to see so many pleas for help and that they, “…had to resign ourselves to finding that one family we could help.”

Sarah and Neil have created The North Cornwall Ukraine Community Group to offer support and guidance to who may wish to offer their homes to the ever-growing list of Ukrainian refugees in need, especially as we head into a very bleak looking winter for the people of Ukraine.

Find The North Cornwall Ukraine Community Group on Facebook.


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