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How to shop sustainably in Launceston

We heard from Let’s Get Naked Refill founder Jade Harvey, who has some great top tips on how you can shop sustainably in Launceston and the products you should look out for to cut down your use of plastic.

  • Refill jars, bags and bottles instead of buying plastic at your local refill store.

  • Pick loose fruit and veg in a supermarket rather than the ones in plastic, or use your local green grocers!

  • Ask your local butcher to put your meat in your own containers to save on packaging.

  • Buying smaller amounts of what you need in refill stores can save on waste and save you money! By using what you need, you have nothing leftover sat in the cupboard waiting to be used.

  • Swap to compostable kitchen cleaning - compostable sponges, coconut scourers and bamboo hand-held brushes are a good way to start.

  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are every-day staples that would use a lot of bottles throughout the year. Keep your last bottles and try using a refill store to fill them up. The products will be eco-friendly and affordable too!

  • Invest in reusable makeup pads, which last for years and can be cleaned by simply popping them in the wash with your clothes.

  • Check your local recycling centre to make sure you know what you can and cannot recycle - try and stay away from black plastic, as that cannot be recycled. Make sure you wash out jars, meat trays and anything that needs to be cleaned out before recycling them too!

  • Everybody loves presents, but try to wrap presents in recyclable wrapping paper and brown paper tape.

  • For parents - washable nappies, cotton reusable wipes, reusable breast pads and biodegradable nappy sacks are great options to consider.

  • Jade’s go-to, long-lasting cupboard staples include pasta, rice, couscous, grains and dried pulses.

Let’s Get Naked Refill can be found in the White Hart Arcade, Launceston. Facebook -


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