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Key shortcuts to get you through working from home

Now that we're deep into Lockdown 3.0 and home schooling is the norm, we realise all too well how infuriating computers can be - Internet access can be unreliable; the Wi-Fi keeps cutting out; running out of coal for a steam-powered laptop...

The last thing we need is to wrestle with software, trying to find that one command you need in the thousands of menu options (or that awful ribbon thing Microsoft introduced years ago).

Andrew Foster is a self-confessed computer geek and has been for over 30 years (and a web developer for 20 of those) so has consequently picked up a few time-saving tips along the way.

In an effort to make life easier for those who are getting used to working from home, or helping their kids with schoolwork, Andrew is keen to share some of the keyboard shortcuts he uses on a regular basis. These are fairly standard, and should work in most Windows programs.

These general shortcuts should work in most software – word processors, file managers, spreadsheets etc.

Take a look at the list of key combinations and their actions that Andrew has kindly put together for us...

Ctrl + A = Select all content

Ctrl + C = Copy selection to the clipboard

Ctrl + X = Cut selection to the clipboard

Ctrl + V = Paste content from the clipboard

Ctrl + Z = Undo the last action

Ctrl + Y = Redo an action

Alt + F4 = Close the active window/program

Alt + Tab = Switch between open applications

PrtScn = Send a screenshot to the clipboard

Windows Key + PrtScn = Save a screenshot in the Screenshots folder

Windows Key + Shift + S = Capture part of the screen to the clipboard

Windows Key + Left Arrow = Snap application to the left of the screen

Windows Key + Right Arrow = Snap application to the right of the screen

Home = Go to the start of the line

End = Go to the end of the line

Windows Key + . = Open the emoji panel

Windows Key + M = Minimise all windows

Windows Key + L = Lock the desktop

Windows Key + E = Open Windows File Explorer

Windows Key + R = Open the Run command

Windows Key + U = Open the Ease of Access settings

Windows Key + Tab = Open Task View


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