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Launceston circle remembers Queen Elizabeth II

The Launceston Wine and Beer circle held their monthly meeting at Firebrand Brewery on 14th September, when some 19 members attended for a tour of the brewery and enjoyed a meal and drinks in their clubroom.

The evening started with a moment of quiet and thought for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Members were reminded by the chairman Nigel Trewern that the circle was founded in 1975 and still had four founding members. It was in the days when home brewing was taking off and ‘concoctions’ of wine and beer were being made from hops and grapes and kits and competitions held between the members apparently with varying degrees of success.

Members Les and Rosemary Kennedy, who joined the circle in 1994 and were introduced by Stan and Miriam Mincher, suggested that the circle should hold a meeting at the Firebrand Brewery and also celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a special jug which could be competed for in future club competitions.

With the passing of the queen it is even more poignant now that members were able to celebrate her life with a new platinum jug.

Fortunately one of their members is a potter - Wendy Bacon happily designed and crafted a jug which was presented to the circle that evening.

After the tour of the brewery the circle were served tasty burgers and fries with a glass of beer.

The wine and beer circle meet every second Wednesday of each month at the Old Ambulance Hall, and welcome anyone who has an interest in wine and beer to just come along and join in.

Contact 07756285860 for more information.


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