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Launceston Community Development Trust - the little team doing a lot

If you have been keeping up to date with our news online, you will have seen ‘Launceston Community Development Trust’ come up a lot!

That’s because the Trust - which is led by six local residents as its directors, including our very own Launceston Life managing director Ellie - has three huge projects which are set to benefit the town.

These projects tackle three very real issues for our town - lack of affordable housing, creating more outdoor green spaces to also benefit the environment, and providing better sports and fitness facilities and activities.

So, let’s get into each of the projects and how they could benefit you, and the wider community…

Affordable housing at Prouts Corner

The first aim for Launceston CDT is to provide 30 affordable homes at a site just on the outskirts of the town, with the hope that this will help more local residents stay in the town and present greater opportunities for people to get onto the property ladder.

Located at Prout’s Corner, the housing will fit the government and local authority’s definition of ‘affordable’, as well as taking into account the location, design of the builds and people’s earnings.

The scheme will offer shared ownership, meaning you will rent a certain percentage and cannot take a mortgage on a property. However, if you decide to pay a higher percentage each year, your rent will decrease.

Already, the scheme has received a high level of interest from local families, mirroring the need for this housing. Applications will be considered by looking at the need, local connections to Launceston and even taking into account participation within the community, with keyworkers such as teachers and nurses standing a good chance of getting a home here.

In February, we interviewed Daniel Brewer, one of the Trust’s directors, who told us more about the scheme. Watch our interview on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to our channel:

Forest for Launceston

As you may have seen, the Forest for Launceston project has received huge support from the community.

The appeal that went out just before Christmas resulted in over £6,000 being raised to bring the vision to life. This much-needed funding will help pay for wheelchair-friendly paths, nesting boxes, benches for the picnic area and so much more.

If you would still like to make a donation, email, so we can pass your details to Sam, the Forest for Launceston coordinator.

In the meantime, make sure you like the Launceston Life Facebook page where we will be posting regular updates on the Forest for Launceston.

Active Launceston

A year on from the start of the pandemic, many of us have come to realise the importance of keeping fit and active - not only for our physical wellbeing, but also for our mental wellbeing.

While staying at home has been the norm for a year now, there are plenty of us who relish in their daily lockdown exercise - whether it’s a run, a walk or joining a fitness Zoom class.

Active Launceston is a new initiative that aims to increase the level of activity in the local area, bringing the community together through utilising the sporting outlets Launceston already has, while also exploring future assets that could help residents stay active.

It is clear that Launceston lacks outdoor space for this purpose, and this is something Active Launceston is hoping to address.

For updates on this vital project, like our Facebook page.


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