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Launceston gears up for late night shopping

A team of colourful stilt walkers will be out and about in Launceston on Friday to remind visitors to respect social distancing and to follow the ‘Hands, Face and Space’ guidance.

Their appearance will coincide with Launceston’s late night shopping event.

Cornwall’s high streets are expected to be particularly busy now that they have safely reopened following the second lockdown. With only a few shopping weeks left until Christmas, it is important that residents can feel reassured that their Covid-safety is top of mind at all times. While they are giving much needed support to local independent businesses, they can know that all possible measures are being taken to look after their wellbeing.

The street performing team is being paid for under the Reopening High Streets Safely project which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Cornwall Council’s portfolio holder for the economy, Tim Dwelly, said: “We hope everyone will enjoy the light-hearted touch that the stilt walkers will bring in reminding people to follow the Hands, Face and Space guidance that will help keep us all safe.

“We can all be immensely relieved that our town centres and high streets have been able to fully reopen in time to benefit from the busy few weeks before Christmas.

“This is a particularly critical time for them. They really are dependent on our support to recover safely and sustainably and the recent news of the loss of some very big name, high street brands is a very real wake-up call.”

Cornwall Council is working with local councils to make sure that local neighbourhood shopping areas and high streets remain open safely. This is being achieved with the help made available through the EU’s Reopening of High Streets Safely Fund which is available until March 2021.

This will be especially important during what is hoped will be a very busy pre-Christmas shopping period, and the three months of trading immediately prior to Easter next year.


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