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Launceston Life's new look magazine is launched

It's here! Your brand new Launceston Life has been launched and will be making its way to your doors this week.

The team has been working hard to bring the new look magazine to fruition. We have been focusing on bringing more content, introducing more advertisers within the pages and giving the logo and overall look of the magazine a little refresh.

It has been three years since our director Ellie Mason took on the former Launceston Links magazine to make it into the fantastic community magazine it is today, so we thought it was only right to give your favourite local publication a little revamp.

As always, we thank our amazing advertisers, those who send in content and our lovely readers for supporting the magazine. It can only go up from here!

If you have a story that you'd like us to consider for our winter magazine, or online, please email If you are a local business looking to advertise in a great community magazine, please email


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