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Launceston Life to launch podcast

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular - it’s a perfect way to keep up with news and relevant discussions.

Just simply log onto Spotify or another similar podcast platform, put your headphones on and listen away, while you’re doing the washing up, working out, typing away at a laptop - wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can always listen to a podcast.

That’s why Launceston Life is now setting up its own podcast, to chat to local people about all things Launceston and the topics that impact the community.

Led by our content writer Rosie, we are now on the search for some guest speakers to create some interesting discussions to put out to the world.

Whether you are someone in the community who wants to make everyone aware of some of the great projects going on in the area, if you are a professional wanting to spread an important message about the services you offer, or you have a life story you’d like to share with us - whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it.

Our podcast will aim to give local people and business owners the opportunity to reach out to the community through discussions with us here at Launceston Life. The podcast will then be uploaded to the likes of Spotify and other platforms and pushed out across our social media channels to gain further exposure.

As the Causley Festival of Arts & Literature is coming up, we would love to hear from anyone with fond memories of Charles Causley to come and have a chat with us. Perhaps he was your teacher, your friend, a neighbour, a mentor, or someone whose work you have grown to love and study over the years. We would love to host a podcast all about Charles and your memories of him ahead of the festival starting on Friday, 23rd July.

If you think you could help us, please send an email to Rosie - - with some details about your connection to Charles and some dates you are free to join us for a podcast recording. It will take place in our office at 4 Market Street (where Athelstans is located).

If you can’t help us with our first podcast about Charles Causley, but have an idea for another podcast that may be of interest to the community, please send an email to Rosie and we can discuss the next steps with you.

We are really excited about this next venture for Launceston Life, and we will aim to do a podcast every month or two, so if you’ve got some quirky stories, interesting tales or information that you would like to share with the community, please get in touch with Rosie so we can invite you in to be a guest speaker.


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