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Launceston Life to take on the 'Bodmin Banner' after continued success

Due to continued success in Launceston and the surrounding area, the Launceston Life team are delighted to announce that they will be supporting another community in Cornwall.

Ellie Mason, Director of Launceston Life, has acquired the 'Bodmin Banner', so over the coming year the Launceston Life team will work hard to enable this magazine to reach its full potential while supporting the Bodmin community.

The team recognise that the Bodmin Banner is a well loved and respected magazine within its community, which is absolute thanks to its previous publishers, Mike and Kieran, who have served and supported their community so well. The Launceston Life team are looking forward to building on what is already a much loved magazine, and are excited to get out and about in Bodmin to meet all of its lovely business owners and residents.

Launceston Life came about in autumn 2018, after Ellie - who has a wealth of experience in magazine and newspaper publishing, sales and marketing - took over the former ‘Launceston Links’ magazine. Since she began the venture nearly three years ago, she has managed to transform the publication into an informative, positive, quality magazine, supporting countless businesses in the Launceston area along the way. In autumn 2020, Ellie took on sales executive Claire Pearce and content writer Rosie Cripps, both bringing with them years of experience in their fields. Together, with the support of graphic designer Kenny Marshall, they have been able to expand on Launceston Life’s previous success and in summer 2021 produced their biggest issue of the magazine yet.

Community is at the heart of what Launceston Life does, and the team are looking forward to working with Bodmin businesses, organisations and residents to support them and their town’s potential to the fullest. To bring the Bodmin Banner into Launceston Life’s brand, the magazine will be rebranded to ‘Bodmin Life’, and the team will be on the search for a Bodmin community ambassador to support them in bringing the best possible magazine to the community.

The first issue of ‘Bodmin Life’ will be distributed across the area in October 2021, and will be a bimonthly publication.

If you have any questions about the Bodmin Banner’s transition to Bodmin Life, or if you would like to enquire about advertising or submitting a news piece into October’s edition, please email


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