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Launceston’s happiest Christmas tree!

Every year one of the most iconic signifiers that Christmas has come to Launceston is the magnificent tree that decorates the town square, but how does it get there?

Launceston Life were kindly invited on an adventure to find Launceston’s Christmas tree. What a special destiny this tree has, to be the centrepiece of the festive decorations in the town and to bring so much joy to the people of Launceston and those who visit this festive time of year!

For about the last four years Launceston’s tree has come from Roadford Forest, managed by the South West Lakes Trust.

Councillor Helen Bailey and Councillor Dave Gordon are members of the Christmas Working Party and they lead the ‘tree choosing’ team which included Martin Cornish, Launceston’s Property and Estates Manager and Harry and Matt, both wardens from the South West Lakes Trust who guided Helen, Dave and team to clearings and copses that they felt may just have the type of tree they were looking for.

The rain did not discourage them as Helen popped her hood up and splashed in puddles. Neither did the bogs and trip hazards dissuade the team from straying off the path in their search for a perfect tree!

Some were suggested and disregarded as Helen explained to Matt, “It has to be nice all the way around!”.

Finally, standing apart from the rest in a clearing, Matt spotted a tree that felt like ‘the one’. Everyone traipsed over, inspected it from all angles and it was very much agreed that this would be Launceston’s Christmas tree for 2022. A majestic and traditional Norway Spruce.

Towards the end of the month Tree Two One will come along and fell the tree, Tinhay Building Supplies will then take it straight to Launceston to fulfil its Christmas destiny, and everyone can witness it light up on the 2nd December at Launceston’s light switch on and late night shopping!

Watch the tree finding adventure by checking out Launceston Life’s latest reel over on the Launceston Life Instagram page - part two pending!


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