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Launceston Town Brand project

When you think of Launceston, what immediately springs to mind? Do you feel the town projects an image of what it is truly like to live or visit here? Why is it special? How do you want the town to be known for the next generation?

The Launceston Town Plan Group is embarking on a journey of Launceston discovery: from its identity, to its message and sense of place. With joined up working across local stakeholders, the group hopes to build on the spirit of the town and increase civic pride through items such as 'Welcome to Launceston' signage, events programmes, colour palette and design choices for posters or empty site/shop covers, a style of street furniture, a tone of voice for social media platforms, an improvement of image, and so much more.

The Town Brand project is in its beginning stages of defining the town 'image' through public consultation which will contribute to Launceston's official brand guide to aid the above. It is vital that all walks of life and the far corners of the town are reached during this first phase.

An online survey is available via this link as well as the new 'dscvr' town app, and 'Scrapbook walls' can be found at various locations including:

- Launceston Town Hall

- Launceston Library

- Liberty Coffee/PLACE architects

- Firebrand Brewing Co.

- The Orchard Centre

- Mad American Barbershop

- Cornish Flapjack Shack

- M4KE

- St Lukes

To gain as much feedback as possible, the group would appreciate if people in Launceston could do the following:

  • Share the online link with your network via emails and social media and notify contacts of the physical scrapbook walls. Please reshare and tag others as often as possible.

  • If you have a premises available to the public, host your own scrapbook wall specifically featuring the five questions in the link above.

  • Let others know they can also host a wall - schools, homes, and locations in residential areas of local parishes are particularly sought but all any or all are welcome.

Tash Baskerville, culture lead for Launceston Chamber of Commerce, is leading the project and urges anyone who would like to help to get in touch via

Gendall Design, responsible for Falmouth, Eden Project and the National Trust's 'Spirit of Place' brands, have been appointed to aid the journey and they will take on board the collated feedback from the public consultation, which ends on Saturday 30 April, to develop the guide which will include an official tagline amongst other things. If you have a scrapbook wall, please make sure an image of the feedback is sent to the above email address before the deadline to be put on file. This project will be impactful for the town and so any help that can be offered to help spread the word will be appreciated.


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