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Learn Cornish with uTalk learning app

People in Cornwall can now learn all the Celtic languages still spoken today – including Cornish – from a single app!

UK-based company uTalk has just released the Cornish language on its uTalk language learning app to help beginners pick up useful words and phrases in Cornish as easy as 'onan, dew, tri' (one, two, three).

The addition of Cornish (Kernewek) - alongside Welsh, Breton, Irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic - means that all six Celtic languages are now represented on uTalk.

uTalk Founder and CEO Richard Howeson said: “Adding Cornish to the app is the last jigsaw piece in the circle of Celtic languages still in daily use and we feel privileged to be able to support them all.

“Cornish also has a special place in our hearts because, alongside Welsh, it can lay claim to being a direct descendant of the old Celtic language spoken by Boudica and, perhaps, even by King Arthur!”

The Brythonic language was a version of the Celtic language widely spoken in Britain before the Roman occupation and which later developed into Cornish (spoken in Cornwall), Welsh (spoken in Wales) and Breton (spoken in Brittany, France).

Related to this language is the Goidelic version of Celtic which is believed to have originated in Ireland with Irish and then spread to the Isle of Man (Manx) and Scotland (Scottish Gaelic).

Richard said: “Having all six Celtic languages on our app is really fascinating because you can chart the similarities and differences between them all as well as get a sense of how Cornish and its related languages developed over the centuries.”

Particularly interesting, he says, is the Celtic perception of colours. In Cornish, although the word for light blue is ‘glaswyn’, the Cornish word ‘glas’ can be used to translate all the colours of the sea: grey, blue and green.

The uTalk app includes 2,500 words and phrases voiced by native speakers in six Celtic languages (as well as 140 other languages) together with fun games to help you remember what you’ve learned.

You can try the app today by downloading Free Cornish Starter Words at By playing the games, you can earn in-app coins to unlock more free content. For details of subscriptions visit

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