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‘Little, blue and lost’ - the heartwarming tale of a penguin created by a local author

Here in Lanson, our community sure loves a new book release - particularly if it’s by a local, creative author capturing the inspiration of Cornwall within the pages.

That’s exactly what Launceston-based author Wayne Hudson has done with his very first book, ‘The Adventures of Little Mook: Little, Blue and Lost’, telling the story of a sweet little penguin called Mook who battles through dimensions and ‘travels through realms in search of mystery, magic and of course Gromlings’!

Launceston Life spoke to Wayne back in April last year, when he explained about ‘Mook’ and the roots of this little character which he has developed further since moving to Cornwall from the Midlands, finding inspiration in the surrounding landscape.

A photographer by trade, Wayne has always been a keen artist and storyteller, first putting pen to paper to create Mook with friends. It was when his son Jude was born that the stories really developed, coming up with new tales of the little penguin to read to him at bedtime. Wayne would take walks in the countryside, taking in the environment and finding new places for the Gromlings to appear in his stories - the countryside really can be an inspiration.

Mook is, as Wayne describes, ‘a wider story across its own multiverse’, often inspired by the landscapes and settings of Cornwall. Previous artwork by Wayne has seen Mook by the ‘Nearly Home Trees’ and Launceston Castle.

From humble beginnings helped along by great imagination, creativity and talent for art and writing, Mook has come a long way and in January, Wayne finally published his very first book to bring his stories to life for children everywhere.

This beautiful children’s book is both written and illustrated by Wayne, printed by TJBooks in Padstow, and follows Little Mook as he crosses oceans, encounters Gromlings (a relative of the Cornish pixie, did you know?) and journeys across clouds on the back of a dragon - certainly a lot of adventure for a little penguin.

This book is the perfect read for a young child to send them off to sleep with dreams of adventure and friendship dancing above their heads. It is available to purchase from The Byre in Launceston, or you can make an order through Wayne’s website


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