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Local group connects Ukrainian guests with the community

In recent months, around 70 Ukrainian families fleeing the war in their home country have settled with local sponsors in the Launceston area.

Leaving behind lives, livelihoods, and loves, the needs of the people settling here with local families are understandably complex.

Forced to flee with only what they could carry, their experiences often traumatic, many arrived keen to establish links to our welcoming community, to learn better English, and to broaden their opportunities for employment.

With this in mind, North Cornwall Ukraine Community Group hosted an event to help Ukrainian guests settle into life here on Tuesday 26th July. ‘Adapt to Life in Lanson’ sought to connect guests and sponsors with useful contacts and organisations in the community, and to understand their experiences after relocation to North Cornwall.

As the conflict in Ukraine shows no sign of resolution at the time of writing, there are more host sponsors waiting for Ukrainian families to join them here – some already matched, others yet to be connected but available to help.

To join or support them, go to North Cornwall Ukraine Community Group on Facebook.


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