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Look after yourself this autumn with local organisations

According to an article by the World Health Organisation, ‘In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%’.

The article continues to highlight the role of ‘social isolation’ in causing this rise and that, ‘Linked to this were constraints on people’s ability to work, seek support from loved ones and engage in their communities.’

Work and finances can put us under a lot of strain. If you are feeling the pressure of rising costs, then Community Money Advice offers a support scheme and their office is open Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings at the Gateway Centre. For more information, call 01566 777407.

If you are feeling isolated or concerned about your mental health, then perhaps consider joining a social group or reaching out to one of the mental health support groups that meet regularly in and around Launceston.

These include groups such as, running and cycling clubs, art groups, cuppa companions, Man Down, menopause café, just to name a few. Further details can be found on our Wosson pages in your latest Launceston Life magazine, and may contain a group that could support your wellbeing.


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