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Matt Luxton Fitness is reaching new heights after setting a World record

Matt Luxton Fitness has raised £3952 for Motor neurone disease (MND) by setting a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude fitness class.

In October last year, Matt and an inspiring team of fitness fanatics from all over the world set off to Nepal to the Everest mountain range of the Himalayas. Their aim was to set a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude fitness class and to reach the summit of Mera’s North Peak (6476 meters).

This would be Matt’s most testing fitness challenge of his life! After completing various Ironman challenges and triathlons, a record attempt at high altitude is really the only logical next step, right?

Matt’s other mission was to raise the profile of the MND Association, a charity that supports those suffering from Motor neurone disease, and one that Matt has a close, personal connection with.

Matt felt that his unique expedition would be the perfect way to gather sponsors and he managed to raise an incredible £3952. At times, the thought of raising money for MND was the only thing that kept him going!

Matt said, “There were times I would just sit in the snow and would say to myself ‘I don’t think I can do this!’ but then I would think about all those people that have been affected by MND and all the people that sponsored me and I found what I needed to keep going.”

And ‘keep going’ he did! The team were affected by challenging conditions which included snowstorms and altitude sickness, the latter even resulted in two members of the team being helicoptered off the mountain.

However, in just 7 days, 8 members of the team made it to the record attempt site at 6041 meters. The previous record for a high-altitude fitness class was at a mere 5800 meters and so Matt and the team successfully set a new Guinness World Record. Click here to have a sneaky peak at their class posted on Matt's Instagram account @coachmattluxton.

The next day, despite difficult conditions that other teams were not fit to compete with, the guides that lead Matt and his team decided to push on to the summit! Without sleep or breakfast, Matt and 6 members of his team went on to reach Mera’s North peak.

Launceston Life asked Matt about the type of training he underwent for this intense experience, he said, “Well, I didn’t specifically do much to prepare for it. I ran a triathlon 4 days before, so I had been training for that, but really, I’ve been training for 20 years by doing what I do!”

Matt lives and breathes fitness, it is his passion and vocation, but he couldn’t emphasise enough, that this particular adventure, was one that massively pushed him out of his comfort zone. This is something Matt would love to encourage everyone to do, whatever that means to them. Matt’s enthusiasm for a person’s ability to achieve their dreams is inspiring, he said, “No-one should doubt what they can achieve.”

Congratulations Matt, for your incredible achievement and for raising such an admirable sum for MND.

If you wish to know more about his experience, then please contact Matt via his website here.

If you are interested in some January fitness goals advice and support from Matt, then he has assured us he holds classes in Lifton, not just overlooking Everest! Find more information here.


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