• Elaine Bennett

Maybe I should have gone to Specsavers!

I never really classed myself as a Mr Magoo, (apologies to younger readers) but it transpires I am. Having lived in Launceston for five years, I felt I knew the town reasonably well but oh dear… how wrong can one be? Prior to me starting my new job as Manager of the Tourist Information Centre, I spent forty years in education. Leaving the house at crack of sparrows and returning home at stupid o’clock was the norm so most of my views of Lanson were through the windscreen of my car. I did make the odd sortie into the fresh air of Lanson to sample the ancient history and heritage of this medieval enclave… well to be honest it was for sausages, pasties and, by jingo, are we blessed with fabulous coffee houses or what? Anyway, RIP the old Ewan!

Since my rebirth as TIC Manager, I discovered the error of my ways. For a start, 90% of my time is spent with locals, not tourists; the TIC title being somewhat of a misnomer. If you haven’t visited us, please pop in as we are here for locals too.

Staff are minds of information, you can book tickets and we have an eclectic variety of gifts. My mum loved the Cornish tartan bits and bobs I sent her. Whilst nowhere could be described as Nirvana, perhaps Lanson is getting there and if you can’t see that, could be you ain’t looking hard enough; I wasn’t! Being out and about during the day I see things I should have seen before and metaphorically speaking, I have stopped looking at the pavements… (OK some are bit dodgy so call Cornwall Council on 03000 1234 222!) and now look up.

So much to see and do!


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