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Meet Adam Paynter - councillor, farmer, friend to many

Adam Paynter is a familiar face in the Launceston area - Cornwall Councillor for Launceston North and North Petherwin, deputy leader of Cornwall Council and also a well-known figure in the local farming community.

Adam lives on his family farm in North Petherwin with his wife and two young children. The farm, a former dairy farm, has been a huge part of Adam’s life.

He said: “We used to be a dairy farm, but we sold the milking herd around seven years ago, so since then we have rented the land to a local beef and sheep farm because I’ve been busier with council work.

“I’ve now just started to convert some of the old stone barns on the farm into houses, so that’s been taking up quite a lot of my time.”

Adam is also keen on using renewable energies on the farm, having installed two small wind turbines and some solar panel arrays.

Adam has been driving electric cars for ten years, and began doing so after he saw just how much mileage he was racking up travelling from North Petherwin to Truro and realising the impact the emissions would have on the environment.

The Paynter family has been on the farm in North Petherwin for 110 years, having purchased it in 1912 after the Duke of Bedford, who owned a lot of land in North Petherwin and Werrington, as well as Tavistock, sold it.

“I’ve lived in this house all my life, and our two children have always been involved on the farm,” Adam continued. “In fact, my great grandfather and his father were both Cornwall Councillors, which is quite a nice little story in our family.”

Adam has been a Cornwall Councillor with the Liberal Democrats for 20 years. In the last four years as Launceston North and North Petherwin’s councillor, he is pleased with the amount of investment that he has helped bring to the local area.

Just a few of these highlights include £11-million towards the improvements to Launceston College; £7-million invested into the new primary school which is being built at Hay Common; working with health colleagues to expand and improve Launceston Medical Centre; and introducing two new pedestrian bridges and the widening of the Kensey Bridge which will give better access to residents in that area, an improved link to the Zig Zag path and reduce traffic congestion, improving air quality for St Thomas Road.

In addition, Adam is delighted to have seen progress in the development of the Launceston Hub, with the introduction of a new library, with a £3-million investment. He has also helped acquire land off the Link Road to produce affordable and social housing; an investment of £200,000 for local highways projects; the establishment of two electric car charging points; community grants to local groups; and plans for enhancements to the town centre.

In addition to being a Cornwall Councillor for the area, Adam previously served two years as Cornwall Council leader as part of the local authority’s Liberal Democrat and Independent coalition.

He said: “It was a real honour to lead the council from 2017 to 2019 and it has also been a highlight of mine to be deputy leader since then, making sure some big projects across

Cornwall are delivered. This includes the duelling of the A30 at Temple, and the Camelford Bypass is also moving forward nicely. The council has been the number one council for providing affordable housing in the country over the last two years.

“The big investments are important, but it’s also about the small projects to help the community

out - to help them get housing, to help get their children get a place at school - it’s about making a difference to people’s lives. I think that’s what politicians should be doing, helping the communities they serve.”

Adam can be contacted on 07812 929 342 or


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