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On your Doorstep: Launceston Castle

We are working on a new series where we tell you, our lovely readers, about local attractions and why you should visit: ‘On your Doorstep’.

Recently, Ellie decided to take us on a little trip up to Launceston Castle - and why not, when it’s just a walk across the town centre?

Claire lives in Bude, so this was a first for our water-loving sales executive, and Rosie hasn’t been to the castle since she was in school! So Ellie thought it was only right to take us up and let us have a little wander for a fun team afternoon outing.

Launceston Castle is run by English Heritage and can be seen standing tall and proud over our town.

The oldest parts of the castle date back to just after the Norman conquest, and the 13th century round tower was built by Richard, Earl of Cornwall. The castle dominated Cornish history, with its grizzly jail of which founder of the Quakers George Fox was imprisoned in 1656, plus the use of the castle as the base for the Cornish Royalist defence.

The castle is surrounded by ruins of the old courtyard, bailey and great hall, plus the south and north gatehouses - the latter being the location of Cornwall’s prisoners for many, many years.

But the main event of the trip is, of course, taking the steep, narrow stairs up to the top of the castle. We peered through to the skies from the bottom of the tower where we stood, we climbed the rounding staircase all the way to the top, taking in the far-reaching views across Launceston and the beautiful countryside, and then we carefully trod back down again, even spotting an adorable black and white cat curled up in the long grass below.

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