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Organisers gear up for the Charles Causley Festival of Arts & Literature 2021

You know summer is in full swing when the Charles Causley Festival of Arts & Literature is just around the corner.

There is always something about the festival that has an element of nostalgia, but also a clear pull towards the future of the arts sector. While we all get to reminisce about Charles Causley, our beloved local poet who always had a love for his home town of Lanson, new generations of writers, poets, artists, performers and academics come to the festival each year to show visitors and the community just how progressive the world of literature and the arts is.

Charles Causley in his home, Cyprus Well. Picture: John Lyne

Despite the difficulty of the past 18 months and how hard it has hit the arts sector, the festival committee - made up of a team of dedicated volunteers who all share a love for literature, Causley and the festival - have managed to pull it out of the bag yet again this year and have organised a whole host of digital and physical events in 2021’s hybrid festival.

With events completely digital last year due to the pandemic, the organisers and creators who are participating in the 2021 festival are looking forward to the events that are due to take place over the festival weekend of July 23rd to 25th.

And while things have been kept under wraps for such a long time in order to bring the very best to the table, the Causley Festival has finally released its 2021 programme.

The programme has detailed information about the festival this year and how to take part in digital workshops, as well as exclusive interviews and all the events taking place over the weekend.

Want to see what’s coming up at the 2021 Causley Festival of Arts & Literature? Just go to where you will be able to read through the programme online.


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