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Pick up your rubbish, says seven year old boy from Lanson

The environment has become a priority to many over recent years, with more information about how rubbish can affect the planet.

Seven-year-old Karl from Launceston has taken the importance of the environment on board, and has started litter picking around his home to make sure the rural parts of town are looked after.

Karl’s mum Sally said he noticed how much litter was being left in hedges and roadsides when walking their dog one day: “When we walk our dog he has started seeing more and more litter being dropped, and they learn about the environment so much in school these days that he kept on about doing a little pick to save the animals and environment.”

Like many children, Karl has become very aware of the impact litter has on the environment, and even owns a book called ‘Protect the Planet’ by Jess French, which has helped inspire him to do his bit for the planet. Karl also tries to encourage his family to walk rather than use the car, to not burn fossil fuels unnecessarily.

Sally continued: “All Karl asks is that people look after the planet, take their rubbish home, plant more trees and walk if they can. If we don’t start saving the planet now it will be too late for the kids to do anything about our errors.

“I am super proud of Karl. For a nearly eight-year-old to think he wants to go and do a litter pick and plant trees is something to be very proud of.” Karl plans on doing more litter picks in future and Sally hopes that people will consider getting out and about with the kids to do at least one litter pick during the holidays to help both local residents and wildlife.

Sally added: “The weirdest thing we have collected to date is a full dinner set. This made the bag very heavy then, but sometimes we see fans, toasters - people just dump anything and we only walk around where we live so they could take it to the dump very easily.”

Have you been litter-picking in your local area, or feel inspired to do your bit for the planet? Email with some pictures to let us know how you’ve been helping the environment.


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