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Planning application for 28 affordable homes aims to tackle housing crisis

Launceston Community Development Trust has submitted a planning application for 28 eco, affordable homes in Launceston in response to the affordable housing crisis.

The Trust, led by people who live and work in Launceston, says hundreds of families in the area are unable to own their own home due to low incomes, and that the proposal for the 28 dwellings (PA21/05647) are designed for local people and to do something about the ever-increasing demand for affordable housing.

Having researched the need for affordable housing in the town, the Trust has found that the demand for locally allocated, affordable homes in Launceston is extremely high. The scheme will give 28 local families the chance to own their own home, as well as taking advantage of the flexibility of the scheme with a mixture of tenures, including 1% shared ownership which will enable families to become a homeowner for as little as £2,000 and no need for a mortgage.

The homes are to be built by local people and the Trust says everyone in the area, from neighbours, the local economy and environment, have been considered throughout the planning process. These homes are designed to be high quality, light and airy modern houses for people who already live and work in the community and hope to keep local people in the area.

The Trust hopes this scheme will mean more young people will stay in the area, and that future generations will benefit too.

To make the project happen, and to create a positive and supportive impact on the community, the Trust is asking for letters of support. To register your support, go to, log in or sign up to create an account, search the planning application number and ‘Make a Comment’.


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