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Pulse Bus begins operation from newest location at Coop Newport

People in Launceston can now benefit from the Pulse Bus, a fantastic facility for young people that has been making its way around the area over the summer, and is now set to stop off in the town on a regular basis.

The Pulse Bus at its new location in the car park of Coop Newport

On Wednesday, 19th October, the Pulse Bus set up at its latest new location, the car park at Coop Newport in Launceston.

The Pulse bus has been making its way around the local community throughout the summer, visiting various locations, offering a safe space and a fun hub for local young people. This amazing project was supported by Plymouth City Bus, who kindly donated the double-decker bus from their fleet. Following on from that, Oriel Ministries took the bus as a shell, and through the help and work of a variety of different businesses, converted it into a youth club space on wheels!

The Pulse Bus offers a wide range of activities to local people. It was designed with input from them, which now includes game consoles, seating areas, even a climbing wall and slide! Having this transferrable youth provision is perfect for the area, with many young people in villages and on the edge of town not always having the access to some of the town centre groups and clubs.

Pictured, left, Isobel Franklin, centre, Gemma Massey, right, Chris Uglow

Pulse Bus has the space for up to 30 people and now being located at Coop Newport every Wednesday, after school in term time, the young people from this side of town will be able to walk safely down the new footpaths and head straight into the bus from school.

Chris Uglow of Oriel Ministries said: "It’s amazing to be working alongside the Co-op providing this amazing drop in mobile youth club for young people to visit after school. Each week we have more people coming by because they’re bringing their friends to the bus. We are so grateful to the Coop for letting us use the car park as it’s such a perfect location in the catchment area of this part of town.

“There is such a need to reach our young people telling them they are valued, loved and incredible! We are so excited as we know this is just the beginning of the great work we are planning. The bus is certainly drawing attention to everyone that visits the store when we are there."

The launch session was well attended, and the Pulse Bus was visited by over 20 young people during the third session.

Member Pioneer for Launceston, Gemma Massey, said: "It has been brilliant to welcome the Pulse Bus to our store car park. The Newport store is perfectly situated in town, with brilliant access for young people in the community who may not be able to access town for other groups.

“This bus is just fantastic, it is brilliant to see such an innovative project launch in our town and it offers so much for our young people. Coop is keen to support such community projects and we are thrilled to be hosting the Pulse Bus every week into winter!"

Coop Newport store manager Samuel Proctor added: "It is fantastic to see the car park being utilised for more community projects such as the Pulse Bus and the breast screening service truck too. The Pulse Bus is a fantastic service for our young people and we are pleased to support it.”


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