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Ready, Set, Go! Wesley's success in karting championships

A twelve year old from Boyton has been seeing success after success after competing in numerous kart races.

Wesley Coombs, 12 from Boyton, has been racing Go Karts for the last two years, but in 2020 began racing in a brand new series using electric karts - a leading edge technology designed and run by F1 engineer Rob Smedley. Each kart is set up identically by Rob’s team, so the driver’s skill is able to shine. This team is called ‘Total Karting Zero’.

Wesley also entered the 2020 Thunderbolt Championship and was the runner-up at the end of the season, and this year he is currently leading the championship after the first two rounds. More recently, the Total Karting Zero team ran guest races at the Wera Tools British Championship at Mansell Raceway in Honiton, and Wesley qualified on pole position and then won heat 1, heat 2 and the final.

Well done Wesley!

To find out more about Wesley’s racing, visit and to read more about the Total Karting Zero team, go to

You can watch the team’s most recent races on YouTube, where they were live streamed.


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