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Recycling for Charity: Being conscious of our rubbish this winter

How much rubbish are you throwing away? Add Christmas to the mix, and you’ll easily find yourself with bags of extra waste - and where is away?

Alison Humphreys runs the Recycling for Charity project and is encouraging people to think carefully about what they buy this winter, and recycle what they can to reduce the impact on the environment.

The Recycling for Charity project collects items that can be recycled and make money for charities. TerraCycle processes the bulk of these items, such as old toothbrushes, toothpaste and hand cream tubes, crisps, snacks and nuts packets, Pringles tubes and much more, to be made in new products like garden furniture.

With Christmas approaching, some people may have already started stocking up on festive treats - especially the family-size chocolate tubs. Since October, Alison has been collecting these tubs and plastic milk bottle tops, to send to Devon Contract Waste who make them into picnic benches and raise money for Dartmoor Zoo and Life Chance Trust. Collection of these tubs and bottle tops ends on February 9th 2024.

You can drop off all your items to Alison and her volunteers at various local locations. Once a month they bring the Recycling for Charity project car trailer to Launceston Tesco, usually the first Thursday of the month, and park in the recycling bay.

Alison is also passionate about encouraging people to recycle at home, as many households struggle to recycle. By sorting items into the council-provided free recycling bags and boxes, you are helping to make a real difference.

For a complete list of what the project can accept and where and when they’re in the area, visit or join Recycling for Charity on Facebook.

Alison added: “Come along, ask questions and see what it’s all about. The Launceston community is very supportive of our project, with many businesses collecting for us, and we look forward to seeing new recyclers at Tesco in the car park where the old recycling skips were.”

Email for more information. Ali Humphreys 07305 044049


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