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Return to a new normal

By Andrew Simpson, director of Webbers Property Services

The beginning of 2023 has, once again, proved how resilient the property market is here in the South West, an area which is still in the ‘top 3 of places to live in England’.

Our experience here at Webbers is that home-sellers and buyers are taking a step back and adjusting to what many are calling the new ‘normal’. The normal-ising of the property market was bound to happen at some point as we could not expect the historically extremely low interest rates to last forever and, so, in 2023 the expectation is that mortgage interest rates will stabilise at circa 5-6%. It is worth adding here that a less frantic market will almost certainly lead to a less stressful move for all concerned so, whilst it may take a little longer to sell, movers will be assured to hear that the process should be a little more ‘relaxed’.

As the daffodils now begin to pop up we are busy placing properties for sale in the Launceston area, our viewing rate is responding at a brisk pace. Spring is renowned to be the most productive time of the year to launch a property for sale and with this in mind we would be delighted to pop out to see you and help you begin the process of a move.

If you are thinking of selling in 2023, we would love to help, you can contact us on 01566 776211.


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