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Sowing the seeds for a new generation of green thinkers!

Fox Tor Class of Lew Trenchard C of E Primary School wanted to develop an environmentally friendly project - so they dropped some seed bombs to support our native wildlife.

Last month, in a small box placed on the counter of The Coffee Pot in Launceston, were the most beautifully made seed bombs for sale. They were in plastic-free packaging, each sealed with a label that had their own cute and colourful, nature-inspired drawing!

These little pockets of nature were made by Fox Tor Class, who set up an enterprise project as a way of raising awareness of the need to support and protect our natural environment.

A topic the class was particularly excited about was sowing and growing bee-friendly plants to support our natural habitats, and so the children excitedly accepted teacher, Ginnette Sutherland’s idea to create seed bombs!

This project was also launched to help the class raise funds for an enrichment trip to the Steam Ship Great Britain (SSGB), as part of their history topic of exploring the life and legacy of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

This particular project began with enthusiastic research into existing wildflower seeds and products. They also researched and designed the bright and beautiful labels, including a UV landing strip that

guides the bee to a flower’s pollen and nectar!

The class also wrote a letter to ‘Bright Seeds’, a native seed company who kindly donated a variety of seeds for the project and together the class collaborated wonderfully to create the seed bombs.

Ginnette, who inspired and led Fox Tor Class on this green project, said: “They used ratios of compost, dried clay and seeds. We then let them dry before packaging our product. The children spent some time considering sale price, quantity of seed bombs in a bag, projected sale numbers and funds we hoped to raise. We made display boxes and our product was ready to sell.”

And that is how they were spotted, in their collectively crafted display box, that sat on the counter of The Coffee Pot!

Ginnette continued: “We have been wonderfully supported by our school families, as well as amazing local businesses, Alder Vineyard, Lew Trenchard Manor, The Coffee Pot in Launceston, the Blue Lion Lewdown, The Clovelly Inn, and Bratton and Holsworthy Ales who have all kindly stocked our product.”

Fox Tor Class are incredibly grateful for all the support and their enterprise project has raised over £500 so far, a project they hope to continue in the autumn and spring.

The funds raised went towards their enrichment trip which took place on the 23rd June. The children visited the SS Great Britain where they had the opportunity to take part in a Brunel engineering workshop, explore the museums and step back in time during a guided tour of the ship.

This is just one of many projects that the children of Lew Trenchard C of E Primary School do to help support nature. The ‘Friends of Lew Trenchard School’ helped to raise funds to support the school’s wildlife camera and bird feeders. Fox Tor Class then began bird watching and collecting data for the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch.

Ginnette has also developed an after-school rewilding project called ‘Love Our School’. Ginette said: “Each week we fulfill tasks that look after and enhance our school environment for our whole school community, as well as outdoor and Forest School learning.”

Last year, the school also decided to re-wild part of their playing field. They planted 50 native trees that were kindly donated by Tamar Trees and they created a small fruit orchard. The school also left part of the field uncut to let the grass grow tall for nature and to encourage wildflowers for the pollinators.

Ginnette nominated Fox Tor’s Green Entrepreneurs Project and the school's Rewilding Project for a Primary Award in Green Education (PAGE). She added: “I believe that for the children of Lew Trenchard C of E School to receive some recognition for their continual efforts to protect and support our natural environment and all within it, it will give them the inspiration and drive to develop and grow future projects.”

The children and school have now received some of this recognition Ginnette was hoping for, as following their nomination, the school have now been awarded a Highly Commended Award from the 'Primary Awards for Green Education' with a £100 prize towards their Rewilding Project.

What a bee-autiful end to this particular project!


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