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Student opinion: Climate change - What can we do to help?

By Lottie Wilson, Year 12, Launceston College

Climate Change. This phrase has caused so much anxiety for so many of us. ClimateChange is an issue we all know and care about, and we all want to tackle. I first becamepassionate about the climate when Greta Thunberg started doing her school strikes.

I found her resilience in the face of adversity inspiring, especially as she was only a few years older than me. The environment was something I already felt passionate about. Living in Cornwall, it is almost impossible not to! We are surrounded by so much of the beauty the natural world has to offer and picturing it destroyed by the climate crisis was heart-breaking.

I decided that I wanted to do something to help. Myself, and a few of my peers, as well as some older students, decided to start an environmental committee. Our aims were to influence the school to start recycling as well as encourage students to bring reusable bottles by installing water fountains at various points around the building. Raising awareness around the little things we can do to help means that even those who don’t see themselves as activists can still do their part.

My hope is that young people can have wonderful experiences and form amazing memories in local, natural areas so that they develop a passion to protect these spaces and encourage their family, friends and schools to live greener lives.

Of course, whilst small changes are a brilliant first step, there is more we can do. Writing to local MPs, signing petitions (from reliable sources) and getting involved in larger scale environmental events all in aid of our planet help us become active citizens and can make a big difference. If we all work together as communities to aid and uplift each other, we can be successful in creating a greener, healthier and happier world so that future generations can thrive.


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